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Agile Software Development

We focus on an agile type of software development methodology that anticipates the need for flexibility and a level of pragmatism in the delivery of a finished product. Agile software development is a cultural and organizational shift in a software development company that focuses on the clean and fast delivery of individual software components. While focusing on agile software development is a priority, we also specialize in mixed software development methodologies. We can cooperate with teams working on waterfall-based development methodologies while maintaining our agility in software development.

Seamless Upgrades & Non-Stop Computing

Seamless upgrades are all about minimizing application downtimes due to the upgrading process taking place. Software upgrades are always part of the application lifecycle, whether they boost the application's performance and stability or simply add new features to existing ones. Seamless upgrades allow software updates to be as frequent as needed and as non-disruptive as possible. Non-stop computing allows our clients to benefit from applications running 24/7. All background tasks, such as backups or analytics, are run on particular computing nodes, thus having a minimal performance impact on day-to-day operations.


Custom Applications

Our key focus is developing tailored enterprise applications, with 20+ years of experience. KAPION’s experienced DevOps developers, programmers, and software engineers provide the expertise needed to develop the enterprise application from a mere idea up to a running enterprise application.

Everything as a Service

We offer various SaaS (i.e., Software as a Service) and PaaS (i.e., Platform as a Service) delivery modes with our team of developers, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers on different cloud platforms (e.g., Kubernetes, Azure). Our cloud-based solutions are based on public or private computing clouds.

Big Data

We support our clients with business intelligence results, so clients are using data for decision-making towards key business goals by leveraging analyzed information. We work on all three big data structures: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Our preferences lie in open-source big data tools: Hadoop and HPCC.

Machine Learning

ML starts with appropriate data collection and analysis. It does not matter if you are a start-up or an established enterprise, KAPION will help you collect data and do ML in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. We take great care in reinforcement learning to help clients learn an optimal or near-optimal policy that maximizes business value for the company.

Artificial Intelligence

AI solves many problems by intelligently searching through many possible solutions to find one or several optimal or near-optimal solutions. We help clients leverage the power of AI in use cases where human-bound decision-making would be too slow, costly, or error-prone for the client. This includes fraud detection projects and creating insurance or banking policies to detect illegal activities by using TensorFlow tools. KAPION specializes in input error prediction by using AI. Users are entering data, and the AI sub-system helps detect input errors and advises users about possible input data corrections.

Embedded Systems

KAPION offers vast experience in embedded systems development, starting with OpenGL development, ARM RISC and RISC-V credit-size motherboard systems, and alternative GUI widgets such as Qt. We can also offer PoC (i.e., Proof of Concept) and FS (i.e., Feasibility Study) to determine whether a particular embedded system architecture is able to satisfy requirements set by the client.

Internet of Things

We offer end-to-end IoT and IIoT tailor-made solutions. Challenges are mainly data-driven, and the first step is the data-oriented question: how is all data collected and processed in a timely and energy-efficient manner? KAPION can help you in the areas of operations monitoring, gathering Big Data, thus helping clients in Process Automation, Predictive Maintenance, Product Quality and Control, Inventory and Asset Management.

Scalable Green Computing

It is not difficult to develop fast-running software, and it is also not difficult to develop energy-efficient software that uses as little energy as possible. It is, however, difficult to develop software that runs fast while using less energy. It is all about the small and efficient binary code that runs on the CPU. We specialize in just-in-time compilers for Java and JavaScript and efficient code compilation and execution. Our efficiency in coding translates to our client’s efficiency in running the software.

Marketplace Solutions

We offer quick implementation of OTS (i.e., Off-the-Shelf) marketplace solutions, such as the Magento e-commerce platform, emphasizing open-source software solutions combined with classic or headless CMS systems, starting with the iconic Wordpress open-source platform, including, but not limited to, a wide array of free or to-be-paid plugins.